22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill &  Bar



22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill and Bar was built in 1989 and opened for business on June 5, 1990. It is owned and operated by Dick Mannila, a Vietnam veteran who is medically retired from the Marine Corp.

Dick previously built restaurants around the nation as a partner in Borel Restaurant Corporation, which eventually grew to 31 restaurants doing business as The Rusty Scupper, Borel's and Nightwatch. The restaurants were sold to Nestle Food Company in 1978.

The property where 22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill & Bar is situated was formerly leased by World War II hero Frank Hall, who served as a bomber pilot flying B-17's over Germany. He was shot down three times and miraculously escaped from the Germans each time. After the war, Frank ran a fishing boat called Sharpshooter and in 1963 he bought the original Skipper's 22nd Street Landing, which was founded in 1938. He operated Skipper's out of two trailers next to a fast-food stand called Googie's. Both businesses shared a common dirt parking lot and were very successful in spite of the simple setting.

In 1986, the Port of Los Angeles informed Frank that in order for him to renew his lease, he would be required to construct a 16,000-square-foot commercial building on the site, which would include a large restaurant. Dick Mannila was hired to develop the project, and signed a lease to operate the restaurant on the top floor.

Now in its 28th year of business, 22nd St. Landing Seafood Grill & Bar is proud to have provided appetizing meals, great service, and exciting waterfront views to the residents and visitors of San Pedro for nearly three decades.

Restaurant under construction in 1989.

Restaurant under construction in 1989.


Proudly serving San Pedro for the past 29 years.